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Providing you with the best tile flooring supplies on the internet. As specialist in the Ceramic and Stone tile flooring industry, we know what the consumer wants and how to install it. Ceramic Floor tile, wall and countertops are in stock and ready to ship to your home for fast and easy installation. Porcelain, marble, travertine, granite, quarry, slate, limestone, and Tumble stone varieties are all in stock in our warehouse. Redesign your dream kitchen, living room or entryway with interlocking floor tile that adds the look and feel of luxury to any space. Lock-Tile Floor Tile flooring provides unmatched beauty to any decor and furnishings that you have purchased over the years. Slate Flooring is great for high traffic non-slip areas that demand dark tones. Glazes used for ceramic floor tiles are superior to woods and very resistant to chemicals and stains in bathrooms and kitchens. For luxury bathrooms, lock-tile marble floor tile is a popular choice for creating a natural ambience of quality and timeless beauty that many desire. Discover how interlocking tile flooring can make installation a breeze.
Lock-Tile Floor Tile
Commonly used for industrial and commercial applications, lock-tile floor tile and interlocking mats can also be used for high traffic areas and garages. Consisting of flexible interlocking PVC-tiles that are made to withstand the harshest abuse of everyday work conditions and meets all industry standards. Put these lock-tile floor tile or mats into your entryway for a safe anti-slip surface finish that looks great and keeps your family safe from sliping on snow and wet conditions.
Interlocking Tile Flooring
Great designs and saving on interlocking tile flooring. Easily mix and match different sizes of interlocking tile flooring to create a flowing effect that doesn't look so plain and constant. Interlocking tile flooring designs and patterns may seem hard, but we have the experience to help you make it happen. Do it yourself to save hundreds of dollars that contractors charge for labor and materials. Simply start with a floor plan and draw your favorite geometric shapes in patterns of interlocking tile flooring.
Slate Tile Flooring
Natural Slate tile flooring is a truly a classic option for all areas of your home. Timeless beauty, elegant color variations from layer to layer and versatile placement make slate tile flooring a durable choice for floors and walls throughout, and outside the home. Although Slate tile flooring is a very porous stone that must be sealed for any interior application it's also highly freeze and thaw resistant as well durable non-slip surface. Slate tile flooring color and texture may vary dependant on where and how it was quarried.
Ceramic Tile Flooring
For years, Ceramic tile flooring and walls have been a great alternative to expensive natural stones and materials. Ceramic tile flooring is just as durable as most quarried stones. A wide range of colors and patterns and textures are available to meet your design needs. Glazed ceramic floor tile reflects a shiny coat that needs little if not any maintenance for years to come. Unglazed Ceramic floor tiles offer a slip-resistant texture that is ideal for wet areas such as showers and tub surroundings.
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- Popular Floor Tiles are available in marble, stone, ceramic, porcelin, granite, slate, limestone and more.

- You can find mosaic tiles as well as handmade, hand-molded and hand-painted tile. Small tiles may be used to create intricate patterns known as mosaics (figure G). Mosaics are usually handmade and are used as focal points in a tile wall or floor.

- slate tiles must be sealed periodically to prevent moisture damage.

- Limestone tiles provide an attractive surface [ polished for better resistance to etching and scratching] however, they must be sealed every two years or so to prevent stains.

-Porcelain is the most dense of all tile types and is appropriate for kitchen counters, heavy use and exterior applications such as pools to add that extra frost protection.
-Quarry tiles are usually offered as unglazed tiles that are well suited to outdoor applications. If you are searchin for a non slip surface, quarry tiles are perfect for patios and walkways as well as commercial floors.
-Marble is a natural metamorphic stone where color variations are a part of its beauty. Polished marble can not withstand any exposure to acids such as citric acid from lemon juice. Marble is most appropriate for formal, lightly used floors but is always in great demand for bathrooms and fireplaces.
-Granite is a very hard volcanic rock that can withstand years of abuse unlike marble and other stones. Very appropriate for kitchen counters, floors, bathrooms, or any other application.
-Tumbled stone is marble, travertine, limestone or slate that is cut and then tumbled to achieve a very rustic, old-world appearance often used for back splashes to match your marble countertops.

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